Safety Focus: Fault Masking

Safety Focus: Fault Masking

As a key distributor of Plant and Machine Safety products, Scattergood & Johnson are pleased to offer customers information on the most up-to-date legislation and requirements as well as help and advice on best practice. 

With our specialist safety engineers and key partners, such as Pilz Automation Technologies, we are uniquely placed to offer customers a complete package of safety design, product guidance and ex stock delivery. 

As part of our on-going commitment to customers, we are pleased to bring you articles and case studies that focus on the more pressing areas of safety design and implementation. Such an area of concern is Fault Masking. 

Fault masking, the phenomenon that reduces the diagnostic coverage of a system and allows dangerous faults to go undetected, is a growing concern that directly impacts the Performance Level of systems. 

Such phenomenon are partially due to legacy design, but are also caused by poor consideration of potential faults that may occur and also attempts at cost saving. 

The link to the white paper article below highlights the major issues that Fault Masking can cause as well as the threats it poses to plant and user safety. 

Fault Masking: Click here for the white paper atricle: 
Are your safeguards as safe as you think?

The above article is essential reading for all safety practitioners and safety design consultants. 

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