Phoenix Contact PSR Tri-Safe

Phoenix Contact PSR Tri-Safe

Distributing a wide range of Phoenix Contact safety equipment, Scattergood & Johnson Ltd are unique in that we not only offer ex-stock availability on a wide range of products, but via our on-the-road TUV certified Safety Engineers and expert internal sales team, we also technically support them.

If you have ever struggled with complex configurations of safety relays and associated wiring, or had to deploy multiple panels of equipment to manage different safety functions (2 hand control, light curtains, muting etc), then Phoenix Contact PSR TriSafe is the right product for you.

Allowing you to consolidate multiple safety functions into one device, whilst increasing simplicity of wiring and potentially improving safety performance when doing SIL or PL calculations, Phoenix contact TriSafe allows you to take control of your safety functions.

What is more, Phoenix Contact TriSafe enables you to send the status of all safe outputs to an HMI so that operators can easily locate which guard or e-stop is not healthy and causing downtime:

A brief glance at the Phoenix Contact TriSafe features is enough to confirm this product as a highly capably tool for safety management, control and consolidation:
      • Free configuration software (no fees, no licenses)
      • Terminals included
      • No fancy cables needed, just a mini-B USB cable which is included
      • Supplied with a memory chip
      • Expandable with additional I/O
      • COMS modules available for diagnostics
      • Competitive pricing
Further technical information on the product is available here.

Through Scattergood & Johnson's extensive knowledge of safety products and applications, as well as safety standards and legislative context, we are uniquely placed to not only supply your safety equipment but also consult on your project and assist in the technical challenges you may be facing. We also offer customer demonstration and training facilities to ensure you' can buy in confidence.

Contact us today to discuss your safety needs with one of our safety specialists:

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