Reduce Down-time and Wasted-time, with Secomea

Reduce Down-time and Wasted-time, with Secomea

Secomea's Remote Management solution provides a simple, reliable and secure method to control, monitor and manage machines by remote.

Using military grade encryption, Secomea puts your engineers in front of the machine without having to be on site - quickly and effectively. This can reduce downtime, save on wasted engineer travel time and necessary call outs as well as allowing you to serve your customers more efficiently and effectively.

How it Works
A site SiteManager control unit is installed and connected to the machine network via GSM (3G/4G), WiFi, Ethernet, Serial or USB. Using any available internet connections, it connects to the central server. We provide server access and a simple web based management programme so you can set up user accounts for anyone who needs remote access. Then just Start your LinkManager programme, select the device you want to control remotely and start programming!

Starter Packs
The Starter Package gets you online with secure remote access to your equipment...and it can be setup in under 15mins! It contains all the hardware, software, licenses and accounts you needs to service your customers and projects.

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