Kobold Instruments

Kobold Instruments

Kobold are a leader in the field of industrial measuring and control equipment covering flow, pressure, level and temperature.

As experts in the field of industrial measuring and control equipment, they offer a comprehensive portfolio of products which can be installed and used in various industrial production plants. As a high quality product made in Germany, Kobold's products have an excellent reputation worldwide. If you are looking for a strong and flexible measurement and control equipment, Kobold are the right choice.  

MIM - Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter

The new flowmeter MIM was developed for measuring and monitoring smaller- and medium-sized flow of conductive liquids in pipes. The device operates according to the electromagnetic measurement principle where a voltage is induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field. 

• Unique Space Saving Design
• Rotating Colour Display
• Flow and Temperature measurement

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HND - Hand-Held Pressure Measuring Device

The KOBOLD hand-held pressure measuring devices are highly precise, compact pressure measuring units that can be used universally. Various pressure sensors are available for a multitude of measuring tasks and special applications.

• Robust Housing - IP65 (Front)
• Large Selection of Pressure Sensors
• Automatic Sensor Recognition

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MAN - Battery Powered Pressure Gauge Digital

The intelligent KOBOLD digital manometers are used for the display, monitoring and remote transmission of pressure dependent operating sequences in machines and installations.As an option, an analogue output signal for remote transmission of the measured values and a relay output are available. The values are shown on a four-digit LCD display. The front cover along with the display can be rotated. 

• Portable Design(Easily fits in your toolbox)
• 4-Digit LCD Display
• Measuring Ranges -1…+1600 bar

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NEK - Conductive Level Switch

The KOBOLD NEK level switch is a complete functional unit which is specially designed for monitoring conductive liquids under extreme conditions. Thanks to a design with no moving or protruding parts, the switches are very rugged and suitable for monitoring critical media with, for example, solid content, negligible density or high viscosity.

• PPS/Stainless Steel & Polypropylene bodies available
• Connection R ¾ or ¾”NPT
• 20Bar pressure rating (max)

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DON - Oval Wheel Flowmeter

Oval gear flowmeters are positive displacement flowmeters. When liquid flows through this type of flowmeter, two oval geared rotors measure a constant volume of media per rotation within a precisely machined measuring chamber. With each rotation, a constant volume of liquid is measured.

• Ideal for High viscous liquids
• Aluminium or Stainless Steel
• Pulse output LCD Display 4-20Ma Output
• Alarms and Mechanical register

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DMH - Eletromagnetic Flowmeter

The KOBOLD DMH flowmeter is used to measure and monitor the volume flow rate of fluids, pulps, pastes and other electrically conductive materials, without loss of pressure. When an electrically conductive medium passes through a directional magnetic field, a voltage is induced in accordance with Faraday’s Law of Induction. The size of this measurement voltage is proportional to the mean rate of flow and consequently also to the volume flow rate.

• Hard rubber/Soft Rubber lining
• Hart Protocol
• Water 0-10M/S
• PN16 Cast Body

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NMF -  Membrane Level Monitor

Membrane level monitors allow economic level monitoring of bulk goods in storage vessels. They may be used to indicate full and empty states and load demand for dusty, powdery, granulated and grainy bulk goods.

• Bulk Level Monitoring
• Easy to Install
• Suited for universal use

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REG -  Flow Regulators

REG flow restrictors serve to keep constant quantities of liquids in pipework systems. These are ideally suited for restriction to preset throughputs of water, or of liquids similar to water. The flow restrictors ensure equilibrium particularly in systems with many users and resulting pressure fluctuations 

• Maintain equilibrium and throughput
• No power requirement
• No wear parts and easily installed

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