Sangel RGBW Industrial Luminaires

Sangel RGBW Industrial Luminaires

Scattergood and Johnson are pleased to introduce the new ranges of LED-surface mounted machine tool illumination by Sangel, a leading producer of high quality industrial luminaires.

The new machine tool luminaires expand on Sangels current range to add more flexibility, configurability and control ensuring Sangel luminaires not only continue to provide high quality illumination, but also stay at the cutting edge of energy saving and technology.

All Sangel lights offer these high quality features:
      • Anodised aluminium body and safety glass or acrylic glass
      • Impermeable to splashing water, metal shavings, lubricating oils and common cooling lubricants
      • Flexible fitting options
      • Maintenance-free – fully sealed unit with ‘no change’ LED light sources 
      • Colour quality and consistency
      • Even light distribution – no bright ‘hotspots’ or dull ‘blackspots’ 
      • Power supply by M8/M12 connector with ‘daisy chain’ options
      • Various options for optics


Whilst the quality of these luminaires can only be truly appreciated by seeing them for yourself, their range covers a wide variety of use case scenarios, including:

LR40/LRO40 - High quality white light luminaires

Designed for all applications, the LR40/LRO40 lights are made to illuminate the most demanding machine tool applications. In addition to the standard features mentioned above, these luminaires also benefit from: 

• freely rotatable on its mounting brackets
• configurable light temperatures
 selectable cover types, optics and length variants
• 30% eco mode activated by PWM signal
• up to four of the longest type can be cascaded illuminating up to 5m

LR70/LRO70 – Designed for retrofit

Specifically designed to replace old style tube fittings with no redesign of the machine, LR70/LRO70 units offer OEM's an ideal route to LED illumination. They enjoy the standard Sangel lumaire features mentioned above plus:

• Easy 'zero-redesign' replacement for tube fittings
• 70 mm diameter 
• Alternative installation using pipe clamps
• Up to three of the longest LR70/LRO70 luminaires can be daisy chained illuminating around five meters

ELN-RGBW – Multi colour luminaries

A unique product in the market place, ELN-RGBW luminaires combine the best of machine tool illumination with features that allow the integration of lighting with machine condition information - ideal for alerting operatives. In addition to the standard high quality features, these luminaires include:

• Configurable to illuminate in 7 RGB colours
• Can be integrated in machine feedback to provide alert and warning indication
• Separate white light LED array – maintains quality of white illumination at a CRI of over 80
• IP54 protection
• Can be daisy-chained for continuous illumination

SL/SL-RGBW - Space Saving

Specifically engineered to suit machine tool applications where space is at a premium. Coming in an ultra compact design, SL / SL-RGBW luminaires ensure the right lighting without compromising space. These lights have the normal quality features as well as: 

• 18mm high and 30mm wide - will fit in almost every machine
IP40 ingress protection
Fully encapsulated version of the luminaire is available
RGBW versions available for multi-colour illumination 

The enhanced configurability whilst maintaining the clarity and quality of work place illumination once again sets Sangel apart in terms of technical excellence and innovation.

For more information, expert advice or to arrange a quotation please contact Scattergood & Johnson Ltd on:

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