Optris Non Contact Pyrometers

Optris Non Contact Pyrometers

Scattergood and Johnson are pleased to introduce our new range of Optris Non-Contact Temperature Measurement devices for hassle free temperature measurement in industrial applications.

Founded over 15 years ago and built on decades of industry experience, Optris are a leader in the field of infrared measurement devices.

They offer a comprehensive portfolio of products which can be used for constant monitoring and control of a wide range of industrial processes from injection moulding and polymer welding to glass production and industrial ovens.

With an innovative suite of software, their devices are ideal for installation in numerous industrial production plants or processes and for use in R+D environments.

The product portfolio covers both fixed industrial thermometers for point measurement as well as infrared cameras:


Offering a small and compact form factor, this range of infrared thermometers are best suited to simple fixed point temperature measurement.

Available in 3 form factors to suit any application:
• with integrated electronics in the pyrometer
• separate electronics remotely mounted in the cable
• separate interface box, ideal for locations with space constraints or hot ambient temperatures.

To read more technical details, click here for a sample datasheet.


Offering a higher accuracy and improved optical performance, this range of infrared thermometers are best suited to more complex fixed point temperature measurement applications.

Available in 2 form factors:
•  with integral electronics
• with a separate interface box which also feature double laser aiming diodes for accurate focus.

To read more technical details, click here for a sample datasheet.


Available in 2 ranges, Optris’s Compact thermal imaging cameras are ideal for fast online applications including linescanner functionality, hot spot detection and recording of processes. They offer a fantastic price to performance ratio and coupled with the license-free analysis software, the cameras can be made into a high feature measuring system.

The camera range can be split into two distinct types:
• the Xi range for temperatures up to 900 degrees
• the Pi range which feature interchangeable lenses for temperatures up to 2000 degrees.

Both are available with a range of cooling jackets and mounting options.

To read more technical details about the Xi range, click here for a sample datasheet

To read more technical details about the Pi, click here for a sample datasheet

The brochure for the entire range of products available to suit any temperature monitoring application can be found here.

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